Monday, May 10, 2010

Life is hard

Today I took home my fifth child from the hospital. We named him Kephas Christopher. Kephas is the Aramaic word for "Peter." It was the original langage in which Christ called Peter for the first time. It means big rock.

As I walked into the hospital room, a staff person from the hospital described to my wife the changes my new son was experiencing. She said that basically all his needs were met when she carried him, now he had to change from simply having food and digestion happen with no effort to processing food and having gas. Life happens that way. We have to constantly step to the next level of responsibility. From the next step we believe the last state was easy, yet from the first days of life, we face challenges and need to work to get past pain.

Life feels hard right now. Probably no reason to ever believe it won't. All I can do is keep fighting so that Igrow, change and move to the next level of where God is taking me.